An Introduction Guide to the Anatomy of the Bullfrog (DVD)

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Bullfrog Dissection details dissection and explains external anatomy, major muscles, digestive system, respiratory system, circulatory system, urogenital system and anatomy of the brain.

Videos are versatile educational tools designed to acquaint students with dissection of various organisms and organs and to help them identify key structures. Can also be used as a post-dissection review to ensure that proper identification has been accomplished. Ideal alternative for students who opt not to dissect real specimens. Video provides an easy guide of a bullfrog's muscles organs and structures. This DVD displays key words, reveals intriguing details pertinent to amphibians, and reinforces major points with reviews at the end of each section. It has eight sections including terms of orientation, major muscles, external anatomy, anatomy of the brain along with the respiratory, urogenital, digestive and circulatory systems. 46 minutes.

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