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Dissection Instruments & Kits

Dissection Instruments & Kits

Dissecting Scissors, Forceps and Dissection Kit Supplies

Since 1995, DR Instruments has been designing and manufacturing quality yet affordable dissecting kit items for use by students and teachers all over the World.

We understand the needs of science students and educators. We have designed a full line of dissecting instruments for studies in anatomy, zoology, botany and biology. DR Instruments is a direct source for dissecting instruments and dissecting tools (dissecting kit items, scissors, forceps, scalpel blades, dissecting probes, and more instruments ) for classroom use.

These dissection kits make classroom dissection easy and convenient for our students and teachers, including premium scalpel blades that last and additional instruments to give students the insight they need. Well designed dissection tools direct from the manufacturer mean a quality educational experience and great savings.

You will find dissecting tools appropriate for all levels of education – junior and senior high, college, and graduate school students – and ideal for public and private schools and even homeschooling families.

Help is also available for homeschooling parents in choosing the right dissection tools, microscopes and specimens for their children’s coursework.

Are you a teacher with unique needs? Contact us, and we’ll be happy to prepare custom dissection kits for your students according to your requirements.

Buying dissecting tools for an entire class or school? DR Instruments can save you even more – call us Toll Free: (888)-599-3442 for a special quote!

Are you a reseller, such as a bookstore, cataloger, or other on-line business. Let us serve you as your supplier!
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  1. Stoddard Clamp

    Stoddard Clamp

    SKU: 71

    Stoddard Clamp Learn More
  2. Comprehensive Economy Dissection Kit - Kit-5E

    Comprehensive Economy Dissection Kit - Kit-5E

    SKU: Kit-5E

    Kit-5E: Comprehensive Dissecting kit includes 13 instruments and 2 packs of blades to set any student up for a science lab. All tools come neatly packed away in a snap button case. Learn More
  3. Micro-Dissection Forceps - Bent

    Micro-Dissection Forceps - Bent

    SKU: 18D

    Curved narrow tip micro-dissection forceps Learn More
  4. Micro-dissection Forceps

    Micro-dissection Forceps

    SKU: 18B

    Micro-dissection precision forceps with long narrow tips. Learn More
  5. Kemtec™ Characteristics of Matter Classroom Kit

    Kemtec™ Characteristics of Matter Classroom Kit

    SKU: DR1-114

    Kit includes an instructor's manual and ten experiments in which students differentiate between physical and chemical properties and explore the characteristics of matter. Learn More
  6. Kemtec™ Ionic Interaction Classroom Kit

    Kemtec™ Ionic Interaction Classroom Kit

    SKU: DR4-104

    This kit includes experiments regarding precipitate forming, gas forming, and non-ionized product forming reactions. It comes with an instructor's manual and reproducible student sheet. Learn More
  7. Kemtec™ Coliform Test Classroom Kit

    Kemtec™ Coliform Test Classroom Kit

    SKU: DR4-128

    A dramatic way to demonstrate the presence of coliforms in water samples to students with a limited laboratory background. Learn More
  8. Kemtec™ DNA Model with Paint Classroom Kit

    Kemtec™ DNA Model with Paint Classroom Kit

    SKU: DR9-102

    Students construct this DNA model from six different molecular pieces, collectively depicting sixteen nucleotide pairs worth of DNA (8 AT and 8 GC pairs). The model may be disassembled and reassembled like a puzzle, enabling extended use. Learn More
  9. Kemtec™ Analysis of Minerals & Soils Classroom Kit

    Kemtec™ Analysis of Minerals & Soils Classroom Kit

    SKU: DR10-500

    Minerals and Soils Analysis teaches students to utilize physical and chemical techniques to thoroughly investigate crime scene samples. Learn More
  10. Kemtec™ Toxicology Classroom Kit

    Kemtec™ Toxicology Classroom Kit

    SKU: DR10-530

    This kit simulates authentic drug screening. Students extract drugs from simulated urine using columns, elute the drugs, run them on chromatographic gels, and use visualization techniques to identify the drugs. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 205 total

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