Medical Research Microscopes - DRMRJ01

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Premier Medical and Reasearch Microscopes

These medical and research microscope models are designed to meet the demands of modern laboratory microscopy. These research microscopes offer top quality optics with ball bearing movements in focusing and stage systems to ensure smooth operation with extended life. This model is highly accurate and its design ensures reliability.

DRMRJ01L is rechargeable and has LED light system for illumination. Variable intensity 4.5V LED cool illumination system with built in rechargeable battery with detachable AC cord. LED life time is 100,000 hours - no need to change bulb and cool light for hours of use!

Flexible power option makes this research microscope an excellent choice for field work or lab work!


- 45 degree inclined monocular head, smooth 360 degree rotateable!
- 10X eyepiece with pointer
- 4-DIN objectives - 4X (N.A.0.10), 10X (N.A.0.25), 40X (N.A.0.65), 100X (Oil immersion,N.A.0.25)
- Magnification from 40x to 1000x
- 4 1/2" x 5" (120 x 125 mm) Mechanical Stage with coaxial drive/rack and pinion adjustment
- Abbe condenser NA 1.25
- Iris diaphragm with filter holder including blue filter
- Coaxial coarse and fine focusing and low knob position
- Variable intensity halogen illumination, 6V 20W
- UL approved 3-wire cord

- Replacement light bulb, fuse, immersion oil
- Vinyl Dust Cover
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