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Super Dissection Package

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Super Dissection Package with Kit5 and"How to Dissect" Book


This super dissection package includes every thing except preserved specimen for ultimate dissecting experience. This package includes comprehensive dissection kit along with dissection book. This is great package for middle school level all the way up to college level. It is also great for first year of med school.

The"How to Dissect" book comprehensively covers dissections with illustrations of the following specimens: Earthworms, Crayfish, Grasshopper, Clam, Squid, Starfish, Dogfish, Shark, Perch, Frog, Fetal Pig and Gladiolus.

Our comprehensive dissecting is a top seller kit includes the most needed tools for almost all types of dissection needs. This kit includes two scalpel handles, one cartilage knife scalpel, one fine point Iris scissors, operating scissors one sharp and one blunt point, probe and hook, 6" ruler and hook and chain in a durable vinyl case.

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All dissection instruments are made with Stainless Steel otherwise noted.

  • Cartilage Knife - Scalpel (P/No: 26)
  • Scalpel handle #4 (P/No: 28)
  • Scalpel handle #3 (P/No: 27)
  • Scalpel blade #10 (1 Piece)(P/No: B10)
  • Scalpel blade #24 (1 Piece)(P/No: B24)
  • Dissecting scissor with one point sharp and other point blunt 5.5 inches (P/No: 5SB)
  • Dissecting scissors, Iris 4.5 inches (P/No: 9)
  • Dissecting teasing needle straight with metal chuck (P/No: 37)
  • Dissecting teasing needle angular with metal chuck (P/No: 38)
  • Dissecting Forceps 4.5 inches with Guide Pin, Fine Points (P/No: 15)
  • Dissecting Forceps 5 inches (P/No: 12)
  • Probe and Hook chrome (P/No. 35)
  • Ruler 6 inches plastic with inches and centimeters markings(P/No: 30)
  • Dissecting chain and hook chrome (P/No: 41)
  • Dissecting blow Pipe 6 inches (P/No: 34)
  • Double fold Vinyl case (P/No: 55)

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