DR+Med™ Telescopic Babinski Hammer

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DR+Med™ Telescopic Babinski Hammer was popularized by neurologist Joseph Babinski to effectively test neurological responses of patients in a medical classroom setting. 

  • Joseph Babinski popularized this specific design for a reflex hammer in the 19th century. At that time, physicians were using their hands, desk lamps, and any object they could get their hands on to stimulate tendons to elicit a response. Babinski urged physicians that reflex hammers were the correct method for neurological testing and our hammers are specifically designed to match the inventor's intentions of universalizing medical practice through the use of quality medical instruments. 
  • The new and improved DR+Med™ Telescopic Babinski Hammer comes with a smart spring hinge mechanism that makes the physician's job easier. 
  • Our specialized DR+Med™ Telescopic Babinski Hammer is even longer than usual as it is 17’’ at maximum extension allowing for physicians of all heights to elicit the neurological responses of their choosing at their ease. 
  • DR+Med™ Telescopic Babinski Hammer is made of surgical stainless steel to last longer than other hammers on the market. 
  • Our premium black rubber head paired with the lightweight 6.8 oz hammer is the perfect setup for tendon response testing with maximum portability.
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